The Reception Rooms

Space and Light

The Reception Rooms

Il Salone delle feste di Casale Signorini L'Aquila

The Grand Hall for Festivities

The Grand Festivity Hall can comfortably host more than 250 guests. This Hall, which looks onto the garden, is very large, with a masterpiece wooden ceiling enriched by splendid chandeliers of Murano glass. This room offers a unique and bright scenography enriched by precious table linens, all carefully selected and placed for all special occasions.

La Sala Bianca di Casale Signorini L'Aquila per una cerimonia

The White Hall

This is a setting dominated by white tonalities and thousands of white offshades. It can comfortably seat 80 guests and is the ideal setting for a wedding or more intimate occasions.

Le Salette Casale Signorini L'Aquila per la tua festa di laurea

The Sitting Rooms

In the 400-year old Casale, our Sitting Rooms serve as ideal areas for the more private parties to celebrate baptisms, confirmations, graduations, more intimate family occasions or even special company lunches or dinners. This style is country chic showing a variety of furnishings: antique furniture, silverware, Imperial tables.