Real Nature

Il Parco di Casale Signorini L'Aquila

The Park

Its park extends over more than three hectares and includes areas which could easily be imagined as the ideal background for your favorite fairy-tale, with hidden corners scattered throughout the rolling greenery and squares of white travertine stone, perfectly set into nature, all of which can be used as part of an elegant and refined scenery, and even with the added touch of a bio-pool: a stretch of water perfectly adapted into its lush surroundings of vegetation. Shady walkways, meticulously manicured lawns, all types of thirty-year old flowers and plants, including some rare species with their bright colors and foliage that seem ready to tell their stories! All create an ideal setting to have an aperitif, had while absorbing the pleasant sounds of the surrounding nature. Every corner sends out an emotion, every detail has been studied to be immortalized in the scenographic settings and spectacular flower-beds. You can take almost dream-like walks and souvenir photos showing the harmony with nature you find in the woods of secular oak trees in the enchanted and perfumed atmosphere.

Il Parco di Casale Signorini L'Aquila
Un Casale immerso nel verde a L'Aquila
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